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I pondered what it would be like to have people play Oak Games-style games in a higher-end coffee shop for one day; a typical Steve fantasy. People win prizes when they win games against strangers. I would not have brought this to your attention except for the social effect. Instead of people being isolated or focused on their phones, you could show up, likely with a friend or two, and there would be face to face playing - and/or coffee drinking. There would be an incentive to deal with strangers.

This would not be structured, not a tournament, and games would not always merit prizes. You don't have to know the game rules before you arrive. These games have simple rules.

Royal Game of Ur - non-standard sweets

Safari Race card game - animal theme

Loonie - collectable coins

Stand By Me - symmetrical

Yoté - exotic non-alcoholic drinks

Fanorona - puzzles


Natural History






So there was a dance, and the butterfly wasn't there. Why not?



Language and Culture


Somewhere around the '90s I used to see "No means no". I was sceptical. It was a serious topic anyway.

What does "yeah no" mean? Does no sometimes mean .. agreement? I'm confused.


Are frogs gren? Have you sen any good movies lately?




Food and Drink



Baikal, a cola from Russia, "tastes like a forest". Let's start with the wikipedia entry.

Lake Baikal, important to Russians, is pronounced the way it is spelled, with three vowel sounds.

It's not the most attractive taste at first. It has a way of exciting curiosity, epsecially if you know the ingredients. I just bought two new bottles.

Russian food direct

Dave's Cupboard

weird soda review


music, film, television


Carl Stevens and his orchestra - Tea for Two

Here's that amazing song I was telling you about.