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Canadian sniper 'kills IS militant two miles away'



The Diamond and Ruby app is just one glork away from being submitted for review at the app store.

I more or less figured out Autolayout and got it to work for different screen sizes. Launch screen images have been a problem for me. I knew how to do it, tried getting it to work, and it didn't work. Not for the first time, I tinkered, removed things, and now the whole app is broken and I had to create a whole new app with a copy of the code and the images.

Anyway I got the loading screens working. The new app displays the right name (with a new app I'll have to watch bundle ID, also needs resigning) and I have three different screen shots for each of the four screen sizes for the app store. So there's nothing stopping me from submitting.

.. and I can't work with itunesConnect on Safari on my Mac, although it does work on my PC. I tried the tricks to get it to work. Now it's even worse, as I can't sign into it on my PC. It looks like they're doing maintenance on itunesConnect. For good measure my iPod Touch (don't have an iPhone) is suddenly giving me the black screen of dead batteries for some reason.

Got the iPod Touch working. I downloaded Firefox, so now I can work with iTunesConnect. I added the screenshots, changed the bundle I- no, can't change the bundle ID after you upload your binary. I'll have to make a new submission at iTunesConnect.

Even my laundry isn't working. You can't buy new cards, only add to your existing card, but the machine isn't reading my card.

Coming up:

There's more to that Royal Game of Ur. It's going to be finished up, then moved to the Stuff page.

A game idea called Stand By Me rose and fell very quickly. A dice combat game like below, a social game like Loonie with a simple mechanism.

There is a glow-in-the-dark toonie coin

There will be some Dice Tower videos from Origins.

I look forward to another dip into quantum physics. You can more or less learn this in bits and bobs, and next thing you know you can say you know about quantum mechanics (I preferred to call it particle physics, but these things are more waves than particles).

Are you familiar with the very old traditional game known as The Royal Game of Ur?

Let's start with this, an online game that works on Internet Explorer.

My brain took off in six directions thinking about how this could be made, or purchased, different materials and designs. I'm settling on a Canadian flag look, with the red and white stripes and the maple leaf. The board, on painted plywood, would be excellent, with crokinole pieces, popsicle stick dice and the name Maple Leaf. I'm not sure how to get that maple leaf image, the iconic one on the flag. I looked for stickers, without success, and that red colour would have to match the one on the board. Stamps are a possibility, but there is still the colour issue. Stencils and spray paint? Sounds good in theory.
An app for this Maple Leaf project? The good news is I know exactly what look it should have, and that is quite doable. On the other hand, I don't know how to do the A.I. And you thought it was random! I won't make an app.

I went through a second round looking at having it made of clay. The dice could be stick dice, but I don't think that fragile board could be flat, so no. Instead of a plywood board I'm now more inclined to make a laminated paper board, with popsicle stick dice and crokinole pieces.


I imagine The Royal Game of Ur from four thousand five hundred years ago in Sumeria started with stick dice (used for divination?) showing how much you can move your stones in a set of pits in the ground - a simple race game. Do you think this game was invented by kids? Have you seen how kids kind of make it up as they go along? Somebody tried a twist where you can clobber a stone by landing on it. Eventually somebody thought of special positions, and it somehow developed its distinctive shape, plus the weird look.



So apparently the first game equipment was dice. What were they used for? What comes to my mind first is combat. You roll your die against one of your opponent's dice, and the die with the lower roll is removed, until one player wins.