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Safari Race involves going down a line of cards, your lane in the race. It actually looks a lot like that jogo do bicho below, without the numbers.

Players each have five animal cards, not hidden. There is a track for each player, consisting of animal cards, and the player's piece goes down this track. It's mostly about trading cards, but you also draw/discard cards and move your piece. Animals belong in one, two or three categories. For example a fruit bat is a herbivore, flying and a mammal. An owl is a flying animal. Stegosaurus is a herbivore, a reptile and extinct. If the next animal in your lane is in category Y and your hand of cards includes three animals in category Y, you can move your piece during your turn.

I'll make it easier and cleaner than before. Rolling a die to determine whose turn it is (would you trade with someone who will win on the next turn?) will be eliminated. Instead of trading any time you want, you trade once during your turn. You trade during your turn OR you draw/discard a card. Then you move if you can.

Consider what handmade little cards would be like.


Natural History



a lazy sloth


Language and Culture


Military / History


St. Boniface cathedral destroyed by fire

I can see it outside my window.


Food and Drink (mostly drink)



Kofola - Czechoslovakian drink

I have not had it. I have had the Russian Baikal. It tastes like Pine Sol with some sugar and black tea added. I like it. I have tried Cockta, but I'm still confused about where it comes from.


tasting Kofola




Baikal, a cola from Russia, "tastes like a forest". Let's start with the wikipedia entry.

Lake Baikal, important to Russians, is pronounced the way it is spelled, with three vowel sounds.

It's not the most attractive taste at first. It has a way of exciting curiosity, epsecially if you know the ingredients. I just bought two new bottles.

Russian food direct

Dave's Cupboard

weird soda review


Music, film, television



You know, I haven't seen any Games of Thrones. None of it. The reason for this is .. I can't really say.

Do swords make that "shhing" sound when you unsheath them? The answer is this.



The channel has a number of nice videos about Asian cinema. "Gateway Films for Getting into Asian Cinema" has a lot of action and some famous Western films.





a clever disguise